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Recorded May 3-4, 2015 at Billy's house. Except for "Drink Lots of Water," which was recorded in February, probably.


released May 5, 2015

Billy Felix: guitars, voice, drums.
Lewis Beck: guitars, bass, voice, keys.



all rights reserved


Bachelor Paradise Sacramento, California

Fluorescent and hazy, waiting and lazy since 2013.

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Track Name: Superadd the Youth!
take precedence, and influence
acknowledge factual dependence
patiently - no despondency
fuzz and static sinking still
mixes melts and caves in laughing

kids they play down in the weeds
clothing mended, love forever improvised
monkey paws up in the trees
celestial, feast and fatal, time you take it, no more waiting

arc across a skyline swinging
come confess a crippled summer
floundering, just not remembering
chains go slack the body sprawling
seamless theft of all your thoughts
left to me

kids they sing their songs so high
clothing mended love forever improvised
saturdays have all run dry
celestial, feast and fatal, time you take it, no more waiting

the results are so bountiful
i superadd material
exit with the lights turned down
and i will never break at all
monolith stands on the ground
devil eye reflected always
elaborate paths to nowhere
and i will never break at all
exit with the lights turned down
wither until further notice
exit with the lights turned down
wither til you call

recede and let it slip away
villains propagate in me
so shamelessly - no despondency
permanent descent, for always
crawling is a shade above

kids they can't see past the summer
clothing mended love forever improvised
but i just cannot see past you
celestial, feast and fatal, time you take it, no more waiting
Track Name: Drink Lots of Water
you look so cool, i could never take a picture of you
cradle sincerity, breathless hilarity, and you loom
expand in shiny flashes, gauzy satisfied
if it's true- it's everlasting

you fall so hard but you never hide it at all
expect a deviation, estimate the valuation and i'll stall
it's hard to be a dancer with those creaky bones
if you call - you know i'm gonna answer

you can't look down when your time finally comes around
words echo in the ether, i can't trace 'em either, but i'm bound
there's no time to wonder when you're living in the city
you resound - your voice and no other
Track Name: Not Really Bachelor Paradise
if you chase a number, you fake a glance
a chance exasperated choice to make on a slow track

but it can't - frame your face
and it won't - change your mind, not today

did i ever explain the ceilings
what reels and rises, distorts your shiny portrait
reduced to folklore and faith healing
snake oil and cheap breeze

and it winds - through the the trees
and it warps all of me

we rush to breathe
in a delinquent town, remorselessly
all the edges
torn from me are are lost

in the night, in the evening mostly
set your sights on what is soft and ghostly
what paws and preaches, what sings and leeches

all the life - from the skies
and the ceilings - ain't so high

anymore. speculate and tremble
document the real remainders, attempts aside they are a pleasure
lose lament, faced off and caged a moment
what is spent is not preserved - it is not burned - it is not mine or yours

it just sticks - patiently
for all time - can't you see
Track Name: Walters (C & R)
bricks all stacked up and collected
in the air the cloudburst threatened
birches bend do you remember
fever locked away and swelling,
slither, anesthetize
sharpened, tangled, up in myself and this lovely mess of mine

leave alone the master plan
literal and crossed off shaken
in the kitchen with a ghost
and you scatter when the chords ring
grumble senseless check the sunset
she remains away, awake, averted, vacated, restless

i won't get too much older
but the years they speed along
i am head to head with missteps grasping
pressing softly stitching up my
faded coat in winter, but mostly clawing
at the walls scratching and i whisper

if you take me to the hospital
and leave me for a while
i will forget what my life was like outside

so don't you take a star sign
for an intention or a flag
play on pages in the dawn,
forests loping in the evening
close the shades & check the sunset
she remains, away, awake, averted, vacated restless
Track Name: Mr. Jones & Me, et al.
you could reside in the hills for a time
skin wrinkled, blotched over
you could direct them to fly through the air
and they spiral and bend in the way that you showed em

this is dated, fantastical, black and white signified
measure the years by the blurs in the lines
still weighty and sharp

but the blood from your lips is redder than mine
fast but not too fast it dries

up and you dry out
and wander agape all the time
til the ground is burning so quickly
and you're pacing the field as a witness
unfit but relishing fitness
the longest link in the chain,
fast but not too fast you fade

i was mostly at home all the time
skin crawling, head disconnected
chasing, single minded, sleeping alone
spiraling different ways than intended

this is wasted and wanting, and so paradoxical
i get what i want and the feeling gets nauseous
the blood in my hands is a flammable substance

but it don't shine,
and fast but not too fast it dries

up and i dry out
and scribble and cross out and find
that my fingertip reach is a sure thing
but finding's a prelude to leaving
shuffle & wait out the season
cycles ain't bringing me closer
fast but not too fast it's over

you could dodge all this trouble sometimes
still unmarked at least on the outside
dig your claws in between the lines
barely touching the ground, you burst into fire

this is youthful, plentiful, and mostly undecided
for any substance that could make your heart feel lighter
spiral and circle

the blood from your forehead is redder than mine,
fast but not too fast it dries

up and you dry out
get your head right and carry the weight
and just cause it's slumbering don't mean it died
and it lingers in your brain all the time
fueling the underfed fire
can't be waiting here for awhile,
fast but not too fast you climb