Drink Lots of Water & Be Nice to Yourself

by Bachelor Paradise

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Recorded November 2015-January 2016 at Billy's house and Nalani's house.


released March 28, 2016

Billy Felix: guitar, keys, vocals
Lewis Beck: bass, guitar, ukulele, vocals
Phillip Wingett: drums

Nalani Jolly Hill: vocals on track 9 & 10
Dimitri Masters: vocals on track 2

Album cover by Celeste Hackenberg



all rights reserved


Bachelor Paradise Sacramento, California

Fluorescent and hazy, waiting and lazy since 2013.

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Track Name: Salty Seas & Wasted Lakes
smile and waste
miles of idiots, won't you count them out or down?
wasted lake, traced and finished
but not laid out so far

i like things that you wrote down
even when it broke me clean
you stand on a tiny mountaintop
i'm buried in leaves

i can't sleep with shit decisions
and i can't even shut my eyes
i will walk down back alleys and

overgrown, overcast today
folded foxtail bending low
horns they ring, cymbals shake
and the neighbors shut their doors

skeleton, overhanging
brittle branches hasten, now
salty seas, away and in me are
weightless, floating, gone

i can't see for losing lately i
worship warmth and solid shapes
send the message, leave the response

but understand that i will
be the first and last to fall
words get spun, before it's done
i'll hang on
Track Name: est EST
heard you laugh, you hadn't slept
a curling voice, an addled breath
spin a rosy orbit, flighty, floating, flown,
your tame psychosis

time zones left in your wake don't stick
geography computes so distant
cross steel bridges all alone
subtract the substance from your bones tonight

don't be immobilized or
bent by concepts corresponding
flashes, floods, and thunder creeping
heat flicks on, and you slide

message spindle and collect
a light up globe, but no perspective,
vacant rooms promise and prey on
lives and measurements they stay

ever connected

city time doesn't stick to your brain
overflown, oversaturated, fully drained
can't think can't talk can't stop can't empty out my head
we do not know what's hidden just beyond the edge

metered motion we can't shake
curvature is bent to text and
knowledge fixed upon a frame
lust to be unstuck either way

your oldest thoughts remember
your wicked life pretending
your ideals collared soundly
your pushing forward, tethered

matter supposes mass
and you amass what matters
and you cry that there is nothing
left to leave behind
Track Name: Head Bandage/No Haircut
i don't want to steal your stories
i don't want the years to waste your brain
sit in ruins and listen:
stenciled walls and portrait fading

two-fisted britishmen
toasted favor, fueled, and
illegitimate, the frame shifts
woke up shaking, premonition distant

a wife and daughter on the way
they won't let me see her
wife and daughter went away

money sees money made too late
sweating sickness shines as substance
money made saw eyes aflame
and raged against the summer

hopeless and consumed in fire
the wire hangs above the smoke, ascend
i won't make it to chicago
you don't know if i'm undercover yet

later on when breathing shivers
filters frayed, the files destroyed
smoke shone slivers in the night
and i could hear it in your voice

i'm abandoned way out west
hitchhiked home and up the coast line
jumping out of planes at night
hold my child in the front yard
tangled knots and burning tires
hold my child in the front yard
losing feeling, sweat and shine
hold my child in the front yard
won't back down or end the fight
hold my child in the front yard
Track Name: Burdovsky
it ain't right if you don't have the right
we tripped upon the history
you say you said exactly what you mean,
i don't think so

we breathe suspicion and we
sputter feasting on the guilt
we stutter freezing in the front room
wintered promises are gonna catch soon

deal in unbroken lines and
blinded by a stupid sort of pride
i am an instrument, an implement
to reach across the aisle

but i won't be paid off, paid off
you cannot take my long fall
curse when my mouthpiece
drags it on and on and on and on

smolder underneath the circuit
of divine entanglements,
graceless demands still fly from me
my face is red

insides are staggering to stand
i guess you had a family
isn't it lovely, that
i guess you had a family

i won't be paid off, paid off

show up to your party, blasted
in the moonlight, anonymous
and tongue-tied, it is shameful
when the truth don't break right

my sickly friends, they demand
so much attention, hostile
in every direction, feverish
sunrises count the days left
Track Name: Basements/Lasers
would raising a glass be for nothing
i act without phrasing, an unassumed sunday
and play out a cynical springtime
just talk to me later and fly away, tonight

when all of your truth is a send-up
concentrated orchestras flushed and
unending time punctured, cut all to ribbons
it's hard to keep track of such erudite women

blood pumps chemical, life goes cyclical
time's just technical, then when you notice the
basement emptied out, crumble sideways
and doubtless your thoughts will be spent on the moment my friend

a flash in the dark, rendered color
and clearly divided the threat from the lover
when all of your chases are fatal
i risk what i can for the proof, for the paper trail

and all cannot end in a standoff
a litany limited, here's what i thought of:
the marching in such ceremony
i missed it so dearly, i wasn't the only one

blood pumps chemical, life goes cyclical
time's just technical, then when you notice the
basement emptied out, crumble sideways
and doubtless your thoughts will be spent on the moment, you're

flashing silently, doomed of everything
let's forget everything that we spoke of, the
future is a place everything's shining, but
doubtless your thoughts will be spent on the moment
Track Name: We Have Always Been at War with Summer
phonology, doublespeak,
intangible and seething
heat waves wash us cleaner than bleach
more tired than wheels

streams not rivers
the currents race, the course is run
interminably forgiven
not forsaken, not forevermore

hills not mountains
but old folks travel heavy
to spend the night inside a home
to spend a life transparent on your own

the roads will tread, and glaciers fret
the avalanche will tremble in vain
the paths diverge, it's obvious
that you can always just turn away

open hands and more hands
maneuver in deficiency
they stretch until they feel
reflex remade real, and reeling

cracked not shattered
retreating coastlines suffocate
and tides too low for testing
a head too light to rest today

wine not water
amplified in sunlight
heat waves wash us cleaner than bleach
more tired than wheels
Track Name: Horseshoe Bay or Oceanside
the highway emptied to the bay, so we got off
you holed up silently and i just wandered out
into a lonely town that we couldn't get beyond
you soaked and struggled and i waited in the fog

break it into two parts and i'll hold it up for you
i couldn't play for keeps, and so i badly misconstrued
if you meant to not mean anything, i'll just play it cool
and you know the weather never put us out of tune

if you think hard enough i hope you remember the plan
i scrawled in blue and black ink all over the palm of your hand
and now i will try so hard to waste your precious time
and you know if you ever get lonely i will meet you at the ocean side

i'd never be ashamed to sleep or sleep it off
it's easy as far as i can tell to be what your life has become
but it's so vacant just to string along the days
with the sun straight in your eyes and laughter decorating your face

and when you suffocate the room, you chase your chills like they would take us to an ice age in a cave that's painted blue
the stars were so far away and i was not floating off soon
it never made sense to me, i stayed at home threw flowers at the moon

i hope the sun lifts you up by your roots and colors the clouds in your sky
i hope the monsters under your bed get lobotomies and grow kinder
i hope that the wind carries you to some far faraway island
if you're going and losing your mind, i am right behind you
Track Name: Clothmother
in seemly solitude and unkept gratitude
the oak limbs stretch tentative at first
they knarl and they tangle, shapely curves
the slyest of grins, they hunt where it hurts

unwound, with wiry boughs that shine
and sever

the heat bakes miserly and can't it disguise
those branches withered weeping though still weathering
cry for shade and singe the feathers clean
make a plan to stick together, or at least something

unwound, seasons smoking carefully,
too much time to spare

motherless and wired shut, shut up
retreat, release and spiral
outward from a comfort creature
all things equal, i will carry you

away from stolen beaches where the towers rise and reach
over curvature i can't comprehend
mutually assured to reach the end
and it gets real quiet on the way back in

unwound, and unhinged shifting soundlessly
ever, ever stalling

but i couldn't carry a thing at all
and that omission made me crawl
oh what a mission i have set myself upon
you reach out and i withdraw, just take the fall

when seams are bare of thread, i stitch them with a care
i just need a place to keep my insides there
the oaks stretch ever upwards unaware
the rain don't favor those who got the strength to spare

unwound, with wiry boughs that shine
and sever
Track Name: Public Service Announcement #2
these fairytales always catch me floating aimlessly
falling down a well, or floating down a stream
and this would mean a damn thing if you'd even speak to me
just a child running home alone with grass stains on your knees

we left our footprints all over this town
we drowned our past in the sea
and no one ever said that a whole ocean could bring you down
you could bury your head in the sand: you still couldn't shut your mouth

and we charted the course of so many theoretical stars
ill-fated and terrified, fading away, but still fated to survive
hotels between houses, and days spent in the sun
is anyone going to believe these memories whenever they come back home?

cause when you gotta move on:
for you my friend who knows how long?
one way or another you're leaving alone

so i'll grow old and malcontent
and the worst things won't reach my ears anymore
i'll lie down at night with nothing in my head
and i'll sleep like the end of the world

i don't think that i'll ever say what i meant to your face anyway
in time it all fades
it wasn't a waste
for the most part i guess
Track Name: Happy as Kings
walk down to the sea, dig a hole for nothing
the waves bring you what you need to survive
tonight, i will sleep down by the water
tonight i will remember why i'm alive

i take my meals when i can get them
i take the company i find
they'll never convict me of all these little thefts
still lock me up, for god knows why

and i see visions in the sky every night
the sun won't set til i look him in the eye
and some will say that i have grown wild in my age
but they still look at me just like a child

there's a low voice, overwhelms you with sorrow
there's a middle voice that's ringing so hollow
cast your fears on the rocks, let them die
when you awake alone down on the shore, you will rise